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Nanofiber diameter characterization is a tedious work. Generally researchers take a snapshot of nanofiber collection, then use image analysis software (such as ImageJ) to manually measure fiber diameters. Quicker and more reliable techniques should be developed for online quality control.

Here are some other methods:

“Measuring Fiber Diameter Distribution in Nonwovens” Pourdeyhimi,  Textile Research Journal April 1999 vol. 69 no. 4 233-236 (Link)

“Distance transform algorithm for measuring nanofiber diameter” M Ziabari, Korean Journal of Chemical Engineering, Volume 25, Number 4, 905-918 (Link)

“Artificial Vision System for the Automatic Measurement of Interfiber Pore Characteristics and Fiber Diameter Distribution in Nanofiber Assemblies” E Tomba, Ind. Eng. Chem. Res., 2010, 49 (6), pp 2957–2968 (Link)

Update 17.09.2011 -pdate for artificial vision system is published. You can read the preprint here.


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