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IIE Transactions will publish special issue on “Quality and Reliability Engineering and Manufacturing and Design” in Summer 2011. You can send your manuscripts about yield and process design, quality and reliability, sensing and prognostics, systems planning and control, and cost scale-up issues of nanomanufactuing until 30 June 2010.

Publishers look for innovative ideas for translating lab-scale nanomanufacturing to mass scale.

It is good that desire for OR applications in nanotechnology increases day by day.

More information can be found here.


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Tao Yuan was the chair of Reliability and Statistics Related to Nanotechnology at INFORMS 2009 San Diego conference. Today I found out that Yuan is doing interdisciplinary research with Yue Kuo. NSF awarded them 206229 $, their project title is “Nonparametric Bayesian Modeling of Reliability of Nanoelectronics “. Research has both theoretical and experimental sides. Quoting from NSF website:

Upon the successful completion of this project, new methods and tools that are critical to design and manufacture reliable nanoelectronic products will be developed. This will be the first systematic study in modeling and predicting reliability of nano products based on experimental data and nonparametric Bayesian methods which offer great flexibility and capability to address challenges in real products influencing yield and cost.

Tao Yuan previously did research on applying bayesian  analysis for determining defect rates in electronic devices.  Here is a related article. Now he will use his expertise in nanoelectronics.

Note: I will update this post, as Yuan publishes new articles.

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