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I could not blog in the past four weeks, because of my finals and senior project. Now the semester has ended, I am at home and at last can do some research and share it on my blog.

Zeynep Ok, one of the researchers who presented a paper about nanotechnology in INFORMS 2009, sent me a link of a journal published in 2008. It was an issue of Journal of Industrial Ecology, focusing on environmental effects of nanomaterials.

One of the most important problems of nanotechnology is to ensure that it will result in a safe products, processes for human and environment. There are at least 1000 products in the market, and the sad thing is that we do not know what they will cause. There are many initiatives that are working on nanotoxicology, but the situation did not changed in the past years. Andrew Maynard discussed England case.

Why should we pay special attention to nanomaterials? Since nanomaterials are really small, when they enter the human body they can pass through any opening, they can even pass blood-brain barrier.

What makes it difficult to identify toxic effects of nanomaterials? Well it is the same property that makes nanotechnology so interesting. Physical and chemical properties of nanomaterials drastically change with their mass, neighboring atoms, purity, structure etc.

Trying all combinations of atom types and assessing their toxicology is not a feasible solution. Scientists are trying to find different methodologies and one of them is multiobjective decision analysis in OR.

I am now reading “Coupling Multicriteria Decision Analysis and Life Cycle Assessment for Nanomaterials“.

I will post the summary of the article in the coming days.


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