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Today I will share with you my thoughts on article from IE magazine‘s December 2007 issue. I like IE magazine because it is an easy reading journal, have lots of case studies, op-eds, OR application stories etc. If you’re an IE/OR student, you should definitely read this journal.

I found this article at the beginning of this year, when I was doing my preliminary research on what OR people had done in nanotechnology field. It falls into “motivating articles” category, like this one.

Way Kuo‘s main idea is that IE’s have stagnated in terms of making new contributions to nanotechnology. And we should take more responsibilities in terms of developing and certifying nanotechnology. We should change our curricila, work on modern issues for manufacturing and service industries.

I agree with him. IE was late in the adoption of “second industrial revolution” – nanotechnology. But in two years, many things changed. More and more OR people heard of nanotechnology and began thinking on possible ways of contributions. This trend will continue. But in terms of curricula adaptions, we’re still very late. OR students must learn basics of the nanotechnology and related OR problems during their education.

Full article can be accessed here. (needs subscription, e-mail me to nanoturkiye <at> gmail <dot> com if you have problems)


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