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Nanotechnology at INFORMS 2009

This year annual INFORMS conference was held in San Diego between 11-14 October 2009. After the conference program was announced, I immediately looked for nanotechnology related sessions. Here are they:

MA07 – Reliability and Statistics related to Nanotechnology

TA07 – Quality Control for Nanomanufacturing

TB05 – Panel Discussion: Quality Improvement in Nanomanufacturing

TB07 – Quality and Reliability in Nanomanufacturing

WC72 – Nanotechnology

WD06 – Panel Discussion Session: Challenges and Opportunities in Nanomanufacturing Process Modeling and Control

It is interesting that except one, all nanotechnology sessions are related with quality control topics.

I used Twitter to reach someone, who had a more detailed session index, and get speaker names. Hopefully @razzzat sent me relevant information. I want to thank him also here in this blog post.

Here is the speaker list:

MA 07 – Jye-Chyi Lu, Tongdan Jin, Wilkistar Otieno, Chia-Han Yang (I could not find Yang’s university website), Tao Yuan.

TA 07 – Paul Kvam, Chiwoo Park, Qiang Huang, Tirthankar Dasgupta, Jye-Chyi Lu.

TB05 – Chair: Qiang Huang, Panel: C. F. Jeff Wu (I read his papers before this conference, I think that he is the most experienced one in this field), Chuck Zang. (I could not find Zang’s university website)

TB07 – Arda Vanli, Sagar Kamarthi, James Watkins.

WC72 – Zeynep Ok.

WD06 – Qiang Huang.

I think this list will be a good starting point for exploring current OR research in nanotechnology.


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Why I am hopeful?

When I started searching web for applications of nanotechnology in OR, I came across an article entitled “Programming Nanotechnology: Learning from Nature” (You can reach to PDF of article at UCL’s website.)

I want to share one paragraph from that article:

To date, nanotechnology has been developed mostly from the basis in physics, chemistry, material science and biology. As nanotechnology is a truly multidisciplinary field, the cooperation between researchers in all related areas is crucial to the success of nanotechnology. Until now, computer science has taken a role mostly in research tools, for example: a virtual-reality system coupled to scanning probe devices in nanomanipulator project. However, according to M.C. Roco, the third and fourth generation of nanotechnology would rely heavily on research in computer science.

Do not think that there is not a room for OR, because authors say “nanotechnology would rely heavily on research in computer science“. After reading the rest of the article, you will see that there is a lot reference to OR topics: swarm intelligence, ant colony optimization, particle swarm optimization, evolutionary algorithms.

I am hopeful. Are you?

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New blog in OR

Hello world!

I am Ahmet Yükseltürk. I am a senior graduate student at Bilkent University Industrial Engineering department.

This will be my first English blog. I am very excited!

For more than 1.5 years I was blogging about nanotechnology in Turkish @ NanoTürkiye.

Now I will start blogging about OR applications in nanotechnology. My aim is to collect all my findings in one place and to be helpful for those, who are doing research in this topic.

I am doing extensive research on nanotechnology since 2007.

Do not hesitate to share your thoughts, my e-mail address is nanoturkiye@gmail.com

Follow me at Twitter.

Last updated: 23/01/2011

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